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Although it may feel like you are alone in your struggles, you don't have to be.

Words have the power to change your life! I specialize in brief therapy techniques. Life improvement can happen sooner than you may expect.


Dr. Dana Crawford

About Me

  • Dr. Dana E. Crawford is a pediatric and clinical psychologist. Dr. Crawford is also the developer of the Crawford Bias Reduction Theory & Training (CBRT), a systematic approach to reducing bias, prejudice, and racism. She has a thriving private practice in Manhattan, New York. She has certifications in medical hypnosis and biofeedback. She has treated patients with high incidences of trauma in Philadelphia, Cincinnati, New Orleans, San Antonio, the Bronx, and New York. Dr. Crawford is a graduate of Howard, Temple, and Miami universities and has degrees in the areas of counseling, African-American studies, psychology, and the arts. She also has a certification in Practical Nursing. Finally, she completed her pediatric psychology residency at Tulane University School of Medicine, a two–year clinical fellowship with the United States Department of Defense, and a two-year fellowship with the Center for Early Connections at Tulane University. In recent years, she has worked with the National Black Caucus to create legislation for Black maternal health equity, appeared on a plethora of news platforms, conducted over a 100 trainings and presentations nationally in private, public, and government sectors.


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