Samples & Testimonials

Other than the fact that I hope you run the world someday soon (with tons of support and self-care of course)…you packed more truth and useful insight and action steps into these hours than is usually contained in days and weeks of trainings that are supposed to address racism and other prejudice. The time and scholarship and soul searching and honesty you have put into developing your thinking and your presenting on these issues is beyond evident. Nudging people to return again and again to their relationship with themselves, their history, their feelings – their everything – as the basis for then being able to think and act vs react in their relationships with others is just what we needed. Thank you with my whole heart. 

The tools that I can use. It organized it in a way that I feel more empowered. The LET-UP model!

Dr. Crawford, thank you SO much for creating a space where we could all learn to lean into the discomfort of hard moments AND know that we are capable. Your sessions helped energize and enlighten me in way that no other DEI training ever has. As a woman of color, I am so moved and encouraged by your wisdom and courage. Thank you for helping us all develop a heightened awareness of how we are navigating the world, giving a space to process these interactions, and sending us off with tools to make sense of many moments that don’t in this world. You and the team are truly amazing. I hope I have the pleasure of taking one of your trainings again and will keep an eye out for your BOOK and CARDS!! 🙂

It was very helpful to have discussion pieces that triggered uncomfortable feelings to guide conversations in the breakout rooms. I appreciated that the breakout rooms were small- it definitely helped me feel more comfortable with disclosing thoughts and feelings that came up for me. I felt it helped keep the conversation genuine and honest among group members. I really like that there are specific steps that were provided (LET-UP) and even language that can be used when we are not ready to discuss uncomfortable topics.

I really appreciated how you so gracefully modeled how to name biases and the way that deeply embedded beliefs can color our perspectives. Seeing you navigate tricky conversations live with our fellow participants was really inspiring. I find that it usually takes me a lot of processing/prep time and courage to dive into these kinds of conversations as a leader, and I appreciate having language to use in different scenarios. 

All of it. The breakout room was helpful to discuss the video (which was so powerful). But also, the tools that we can use instead of the coping that we are currently engaging in. Learning to be an abolitionist and those skills (Let Up) was very useful in my work moving forward.

Thank you so much for giving this workshop!! This is the kind of workshop our organization needs more of. Previous DEI trainings often get stuck in definitions and I loved how you were able to give us tools we can use! I would also love to have more practical lessons/tools for helping to make our organization more inclusive and help everyone feel valued and can be their authentic selves.

Truly enjoyed the safe space provided in our breakout room.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for your training!! You opened up a much needed space for dialogue and education. 

Everything! There was not a single thing discussed that was not incredibly useful. I really loved the LET-UP method especially.

Just a big thank you! This session was incredible. Your presentation was so moving. I both cried and laughed and learned so much in such a short time. Your presentation style is engaging, accessible, and impactful. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with all of us.

Absolutely everything. This is healing, empowering, rich work that I am privileged to be an active participant in. The mindfulness exercise at the top of the presentation helped ground me so I could be present, the content, and the large group discussion were valuable and much appreciated!

It went DEEP! I understand the need for things to be broken down and for hand holding, but I’m tired of that being the go to dynamic in professional settings. I truly believe that defaulting to surface level discussions sets folks up for failure in many ways (triggering avoidance because the reality of discussed concepts seems too overwhelming/personal). By diving deeper and building connections, folks have the opportunity to take more stake in these discussions/concepts.