Intercultural Assessment


The official assessment measure of CBRT is the Intercultural Development Inventory®. The (IDI®) is a valid and reliable assessment of intercultural competence. It has been developed and tested using rigorous cross-culturally validated psychometric protocols with over 220,000 respondents from various cultural groups and countries. In addition, the IDI has been translated into multiple languages using rigorous back translation protocols.

IDI® Group Profile Report 

The IDI Group Profile Report provides valuable information about the mindset/skillset toward cultural differences and commonalities within an identified group of three or more people. Your team can gain valuable insights into how your group engages cultural differences by reflecting on past and current cross-cultural events or situations the group has experienced. Dr. Crawford will explain the monocultural and intercultural development, and implications for your team, facilitate dialogue about the profile, and provide recommendations for the next steps for anti-bias individual, interpersonal, and institutional work.  

Individual IDI® Profile

The IDI Individual Profile Report provides valuable information about an individual’s mindset/skillset toward cultural differences and commonality. Individuals can gain valuable insights into how they engage in cultural differences. Dr. Crawford provides the Individual Profile Report during a one-on-one confidential meeting. She uses the IDI Profile results to help individuals increase their own cultural self and other-understanding of such differences and commonalities. During this meeting, the individual is invited to reflect on their/her/his experience taking the IDI and identify ways the report is related to their individual bias, prejudice, and racism.

While this is not a psychotherapy session, Dr. Crawford will use her skills as a clinical psychologist to help participants identify the unresolved or unidentified affective, behavioral, cognitive, and physiological factors contributing to their intercultural competence. Additionally, the participant will identify ways their intercultural competence impacts relationships, leadership, productivity, and institutional climate. Finally, a step-by-step Intercultural Development Plan will be provided to each participant.