About Me

Dr. Dana E. Crawford is a pediatric and clinical psychologist who developed the Crawford Bias Reduction Theory & Training (CBRT), a systematic approach to reducing bias, prejudice, and racism. She has a thriving private practice in Manhattan and has treated patients with high incidences of trauma in Philadelphia, Cincinnati, New Orleans, San Antonio, the Bronx, and New York. Dr. Crawford is a graduate of Howard, Temple, and Miami universities and has degrees in counseling, African-American studies, psychology, and the arts.  She has certifications in Practical Nursing, medical hypnosis and biofeedback. She completed her pediatric psychology residency at Tulane University School of Medicine, which was followed by a two–year clinical fellowship with the United States Department of Defense and then a two-year fellowship with the Center for Early Connections at Tulane University. In recent years, she has worked with the National Black Caucus to create legislation for Black maternal health equity, appeared on a number of news platforms.  In 2020, she has conducted hundreds of trainings and presentations in private, non-profit, public, and government sectors. Dr. Crawford is currently a Scholar in Residence at Columbia University in the Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute.

Clinical Expertise

I have worked in hospitals, schools, residential treatment, juvenile detention centers, primary care settings, community behavioral health centers, and private clinics.  Consequently, I am particularly skilled at working with anxiety, chronic pain, racial trauma, and life stressors.  Additionally, I have worked with a variety of racial/ethnic, sexual orientation, gender identity, language, nationality, socioeconomic, educational, and physical and mental abilities.  Finally, I am formally trained in trauma and grief-focused therapy, hypnosis, parenting training, chronic disease management, and assisting with experiences related to LGBTQ, habit disorders, and generalized stress and anxiety.

Crawford Bias Reduction Theory & Training (CBRT)

I have moved to different places for my entire life, been educated in spaces with gorgeous amounts of diversity (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity, language, nationality, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religious, spiritual, body ability, politics, etc.), and been hurt by cultural bias.  I have likely hurt others because of my biases.  After spending a significant portion of my life frustrated, angry, and hurt by bias, prejudice, and racism, I learned that healing starts from within and spreads.  I developed the Crawford Bias Reduction Theory & Training which focuses on the awareness, investigation, and reduction of cultural biases through a process creating safety, investigating the creation and source of biases, navigating emotions, thoughts, and behaviors related to bias, and developing authentic and effective healing skills.  I hope you will join me in this journey of compassion, challenge, and correction.