Upcoming Crawford Bias Reduction Theory & Training

Crawford Bias Reduction Theory & Training (CBRT)


Thursday M a r c h 1 9 t h 2 0 2 0
110 E Gun Hill Rd.
The Grand Hall
Bronx, NY 10467

Have you ever attended a multicultural training and come away feeling frustrated, lectured to, blamed/shamed, misunderstood, or angry?

Have you ever attended a multicultural training which talked about models and definitions but walked out not understanding how to apply them in everyday work and life situations?

Historically, multicultural trainings have focused on teaching individuals about diverse groups. More recently, these trainings have also focused on concepts such as implicit bias, cultural humility, white privilege, internalized oppression, and microaggressions.

While understanding these concepts are crucial to becoming culturally competent, knowledge alone is insufficient. The next phase of multicultural trainings calls for trainers to offer concrete skill development that can be implemented in fast-paced settings such as community behavioral health clinics, hospitals, primary health care settings, retail, and schools.

Furthermore, skills need to be systematic and able to be implemented when experiencing elevated levels of emotions that are often accompanied with processing cultural bias, prejudice, and racism. Finally, training participants must be provided with a training environment that fosters respect and safety, yet inspires authenticity and in-depth extracting out of cultural biases, prejudices, and racism that folks are so often shamed into concealing.

Quotes from Previous Participants
• “I feel more prepared to address some of the difficult/challenging/ vulgar/ disrespectful language that I hear our adolescent clients use.”

• “Most of workshops that talk about models and definition do not make them applicable or palpable. Yours was the exact opposite—carefully crafted from the content to pictures to music to demonstrations. Overall, however, outstanding job! You’ve given me tons to chew on and to
use with my future students & supervisees.”

• “This was a responsibly and sensitively conducted workshop. You were clear, engaging, informative and created a ‘safe space’ to discuss cultural issues that are often difficult to talk about.”

• “This is the best training I’ve been to on multiculturalism in the last 15 years! Thank you, keep doing it just the way you are doing it. Inspirational, I am a better person”

• Thanks for not shying away from eliciting actual responses; that is so valuable. I will be processing this for a long time. I think you hit a good balance of pushing, while at the same time being safe + sensitive.”