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Workshops & Trainings


For business, small teams, groups, students, and other organizations

Racism, prejudice, and other types of biases are alive in our society and have the potential to have a negative impact on individual, group, and organizational functioning.  The workshops below are designed to address and reduce this issues without guilt.  Additionally, the workshops below increase the overall cultural awareness, sensitivity, and competency of individuals, groups, and organizations.

  1. Identifying and reducing bias
  2. Learning how to speak with respect about cultural controversies 
  3. Building and repairing racial and other cultural conflicts
  4. Increasing cultural competency
  5. Developing warm and respectful environment for diversity 


For therapists, psychologists, social workers, and other mental health professionals 

  1. Culture-based countertransference
    • Culture-based countertransference refers to a comprehensive definition of countertransference which includes the therapist’s culturally held assumptions, stereotypes, norms, beliefs, and values; attitudes related to race, ethnicity, and gender; worldviews including one’s political, religious and moral views; and the influence of family of origin beliefs and intergenerational messages 
    • Even for the most seasoned therapist, cultural factors are likely to elicit
      countertransference reactions, hence clinical skills beyond awareness,
      cultural knowledge, and cultural skills are necessary in providing culturally
      relevant services. Culture-based countertransference refers to therapists’
      culturally held assumptions, biases, and values; attitudes related to ethnicity,
      sexual orientation, and gender; and worldviews including one..s political,
      religious, and moral views. This workshop will increase therapists….
      awareness of triggers, manifestations, effects, and management of culturebased
      countertransference reactions through case examples, discussion, and
      experiential exercises.
  2. Strategies for Clinical Support for African American Clients in the current climate of police shootings and violence
    • This training focuses specifically on strategies clinicians can use to most effectively support African American clients at their in the current climate of police shootings and violence.
  3. Culture-related Consultation
    • Dr. Crawford, a clinical psychologist specializing in racism/discrimination related side effects and anxiety.  She has appear on local and national news programs, conducted lectures in a plethora settings, and is an expert in culture-related issues.  Consultation will focus on helping you navigate the sensitive experiences related to culture.